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Private tours in Split and Croatia

Hello dear traveler!

Like yourself, we also like to travel. We feel relaxed and safe when we have a capable and amusing guide who adapts to our needs so we try to do the same when we have guests. We can have a walking tour or a full day trip. We can go to museums or hike in a national park. We can learn about history and art or we can relax on a wine tasting or mix all those things – it’s up to you.

So, what do YOU want to do in Croatia?
Contact us and let’s have a nice day together! 🙂

Walking tour of Split

Split has an incredibly rich history. Today we can see traces of Greek, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman, French and Austrian culture.

Find many interesting details only true locals know ? Find out why Split is protected by the Unesco since 1979 and discover why do locals say that Split is the most beautiful city in the world. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

Game of Thrones tour of Split

Split is a beautiful city with many legends and tales. Also, our architecture speaks another tale today – Game of thrones shot Season 4,5 and 6 in Split and near the city – visit the sites with unique stories and photo materials. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

NP Krka waterfalls private tour

Ideal tour for an active but not too exhausting day. Krka is very beautiful and is not far from Split. After the park we can visit Sibenik and see its beautiful cathedral, visit a local winery for an excellent wine tasting or go to a beautiful Mestrovic gallery in Split. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

NP Plitvice lakes private tour

Plitvice lakes are a full day tour but be sure that they are the most beautiful thing in Croatia. We have 8 national parks and this is the only one protected by the UNESCO. I always like to point out that it is not a „picnic destination“ – we are not in a single spot, we are constantly walking and exploring many small and big waterfalls. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

Private tour to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is called a „pearl of Adriatic“ and it is definitely the „most wanted“ city in Croatia and is among the most visited and photographed destinations in all Europe. Since 1979, Dubrovnik is UNESCO World Heritage. Entire city is a fortification so many locals call it a “castle”.  Needles to say you will have many photo opportunities. For the Game of throne fans, Dubrovnik is King’s Landing which means that the most famous scenes were filmed right there. Part of the trip is off the highway (it is not built all the way to Dubrovnik) but you will see our beautiful coastline so people usually enjoy in the drive as well. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

Private tour to Mostar

One of the best trips I can recommend because it’s different. Most of my guests are very familiar with Christian culture but not that much with Muslim culture. In Mostar half of the city is Muslim and half is Christian so you can see their beautiful architecture, try their amazing food and see how hospitable those people really are. Every coffee lover will be amazed with the way it’s served and drunk. We will have several stops, one in a medieval town called PoÄŤitelj and later in a National Park Kravice Waterfalls  where you can swim or we can visit a local sanctuary Medjugorje. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

Trogir / Salona / Klis fortress

Ideal tour for every history lover. First we will see the fortress of Klis where you will hear an interesting story about the Ottomans and how the events that happened 500 years ago shaped our present; beautiful view guaranteed ?. More latterly, Klis featured in the blockbuster television series “Game of Thrones”.

After visiting Klis fortress, we go to Salona which was the capital of Dalmatia 2000 years ago and also the birth place of emperor Diocletian. There you can see a beautiful amphitheater in ruins.

We end our tour in Trogir which is called „little Venice“ (we will have a panoramic ride and a beautiful view of the city). We will see the cathedral and a defensive fortress called Kamerlengo. In 1997 Trogir was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. Contact us and let’s have a nice day together ?.

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